Start earning

Refer talent,
get rewarded

You get paid for your referral that gets the job, so give your network a boost.

A better way to hire

Referrals are many companies favourite way to hire, so we built something to help them get the best.

Hire from places you couldn't before

With referrals, you get access to networks you can't any other way. You're not just reaching out to the person looking at your listing, but their whole professional and personal network.

Get someones best

When you refer someone, you put your own reputation on the line. A referral is a personal endorsement of the one person right for that role, so you know they are the best.

Get more context

With a referral, you already have more information than a direct application. What makes them good? What have they done thats awesome? These are already answered by the time the application lands on your dashboard

Reach more candidates

When you advertise a referral, suddenly it's not just the person staring at your listing who may apply for your role. It's their whole network.

Hear from someone new

A referral gives someone an extra voice in their career journey. Someone else in their corner. Get applications from the great people who are shouted over.

You're in control

The reward is up to you, on your terms. Have confidence you're getting the right person for your company, and they're getting the right role.

Pay on your terms

Pay straight away, or after they start. Have confidence you're getting great people by only paying when you both know it's a great fit.

Let us handle the pain

Paying a new supplier is always hard. On Reflr, we handle the payments for you. So you can get back to building your team, not dealing with bank accounts.